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Hi, we are Marc and Steve Nudelberg, a father and son duo that has managed to build the #1 sales community in the world! And don’t worry, we’re not just teaching people the same regurgitated, old school, methods that haven’t worked since the dawn of the new millennium. Instead, we prefer teaching people brand new sales methods that actually work in today’s day and age.

Our platform is a virtual sales training facility where we train the brain and the habits that develop high performing sales talent and modernize the business development process. We train social selling on LinkedIn, a modern business development process, time management, and mindset, all of the tools to make you successful in today’s business environment. We continue to update the platform with new content, courses, and exercises to keep you on top of your game.

So, if you are ready to unlock the skills needed to surpass your goals, develop the habits that the top 1% of performers utilize, and train like an elite caliber athlete to perfect your craft – then it’s time to Get On The Ball. Reserve your spot on the team now!

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